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Arvan Villard

On Saturday, in a much less forgiving than time for runners tour, the cyclo Arvan Villard is also passed through Albiez. Nicolas Ougier won the set for the 5th time. More info on

Passage of the Tour de France

Thursday 12 July, the great mass of world cycling did us the honor of his passing. I could not realizing earlier due to computer failure. The event took place under the best auspices since the weather, capricious lately, well wanted to give us the best day of […]

Against-time computer

You may have noticed: last week, the website of the cottage, and the blog, have suffered problems. The management apologizes for this unfortunate mishap, from a pirate attack. Everything is now back to normal and Newswire will resume its rights. Vincent, to the Executive Committee. Edit: following […]

Fanfoué soon in Cannes!

A film about the life of a local figure, Fanfoué, will make headlines this summer. You know, Fanfoué, still milking cows by hand, in his stable Mollard or that of his Alpine chalet. Which leaves the manure tombreau sorted by faithful mule. And well here it is showing […]