2 Lakes for swimming

A Albiez-Montrond :

Col du Mollard is a beautiful swimming lake, monitored throughout the summer, with a 360 ° view of beauty.

The water is often above 20 ° C.

• Wading pool for small

• Safe Swimming

• Playground

• Picnic area

• Golf Ball

• Parking

• Sanitary (Handicap accessible)

A Albiez-le-Jeune :

Lovely decked area for the whole family. On site there are two small water bodies, one for the kill fishery (we heal and fish are released) and the other for swimming. Close to the lakes are trails for walks by bicycle or on foot.

• Espaces OMBRAGES

• Shallow water

• Zone lifeguard

• Tennis balls

• Picnic area

• Parking

• Sanitary

Access : 7 km from the gîte de la Villette. Go to Albiez Young, then take the direction Villargondran / St Jean de Maurienne : space is 300 m after the village on your right.

Apart from these two developed areas, it is possible to bathe in streams and torrents sector. Ask Vincent, he knows a bunch of little places that lend themselves perfectly!