Heritage Discovery

Besides the beauty of the mountain landscape, that & rsquo; no introduction, Albiez is rich & rsquo; an ancient cultural heritage. Since the end of the Neolithic, men populated the tray & rsquo; Albiez. The favorable climate and gentle relief n & rsquo; there are strange.
Walking through the village and the surrounding area, you can see the traces d & rsquo; more or less ancient human past.

  • The chapels, all restored and present in all hamlets. A circuit, passable throughout & rsquo; year, allows d & rsquo; go round.
  • Water mills. The last stopped in the late 40. One can discover the remains along several torrents.
  • The old slate quarries. The most visible overlook the chairlift White.
  • The chalets d & rsquo; alpine. Still present, on & rsquo; all plateau pastures. The most typical is undoubtedly that of Pre Naret, on the roof which we still find slate and thatch.
  • The Opinel knife. But few know the famous Savoyard knife was born in Albiez! Joseph Opinel knives created the first tool maker in a small workshop in the hamlet of Gevoudaz.
  • Primitive lime kilns at Rafour
  • Hay cables arriving directly in barns.