For the moment, It goes well…

After two Christmases complicated, This very snowy week allows to consider a start to more peaceful season. Even Laurent Guillaume, weather presenter on France 3 National, who has a foothold in Valloire, loose on the forum of infoclimat. This is the time to book, We still have room for two weeks […]

Winter is approaching

I borrowed the pass of the iron cross road Friday night, for the last time in the fall. The road was officially closed, but snow had still not fallen, and not yet completely hermetic barriers. Ambivalent feelings, shared between the pleasure of having the mountain for me and the anguish of this […]

Thank you sir weather

In the usual snow forecasts are synchronized with the start of the holiday, even if it is not true, to reassure future guests watching TF1. Mais là, for once, it is not the wind: he fell on Sunday about Albiez 50 cm and de neige 24 h. Certainly the largest […]

Summer storm

This is a full week summer we are experiencing, with very good weather in the morning, turning slowly to the storm. Tonight, after thunder, window sun appeared west, illuminating the needles Arves. You can still see a lot of snow, but now there is ca, You can go […]

Open collar: than opt

Ca and is, Col du Galibier opened today! Good news for many cyclists who want to spend a holiday cottage to skim all the mythical passes. hautes-alpes/2013/06/19/les-premieres-image-du-col-du-galibier-rouvert-apres-un-mois-de-deneigement Le Glandon and the Madelaine having also been re-opened recently, only Iseran pass remains closed, on all cervical Maurienne. For […]

En mai, the weather does what he pleases

At the risk of grist to all revisionists global warming, MétéoFrance offers us these days, a time of shit. The unique advantage, is to consider a few good bambées ski touring, in almost worthy winter snow. This morning, for instance, is received a few more 5 […]