A very good year

All of the lodging of the Villette joins me to wish you a very happy new year 2015. This photo attests. It lacks only a member of the team: the cat. Ah yes, I forgot to tell you: The cottage of la Villette has since July last of a guard named Mistou. Here it is. As it […]

Bathroom, Vintage spring 1 comment

As promised before winter, new bathroom in room Mont Emy is operational. It looks like her big sister room Chatel: Bathroom Bedroom Now all rooms cottage has a water. And all rooms are equipped with small capacity of a bathroom. On […]

Season prepares…

I had originally planned to make 2 bathrooms in the rooms Chatel and Emy. Time always spinning too fast, I would do that in the spring of Emy. Pending and exclusive (only children Christine and seen the result), Here is the virtual tour before and after work! BEFORE after morality: do […]

Fanfoué soon in Cannes!

A film about the life of a local figure, Fanfoué, will make headlines this summer. You know, Fanfoué, still milking cows by hand, in his stable Mollard or that of his Alpine chalet. Which leaves the manure tombreau sorted by faithful mule. And well here it is showing […]