Albiez has dozens of kilometers of trails. On the main, as the trail on the plateau of Montrond, the bass of the gerbier, the Tower of contaminated or le Chatel, no problem of route. If you however want to discover the old Mule trails which scratch the country, better prepare its route.

For this, I updated database openstreetmap with all the sector trails. En tout cas, everyone I know.

Also on this page you will find a selection of my favourite trails:

For users of GPS, click to download, under each of the schematic profile, for the trace in your device. For some trips to some marked trails or marked, it can be a real plus. This is the case of the path of Emy neck, Chanin or loop hoodoos.

Short tour of the hoodoos

Description :

From the cottage, This stroll takes you through one of the many folds of land sector, renferme qui un secret: fairy chimneys.
Cottage, take the path down the garden, go across the road, take the path below the curve to the hamlet of La Villette.
De là, take the road to the hamlet of Saussaz. Ride in the hamlet until its exit, along the river, and follow the signs fairy chimneys.
Arrived chimneys, retrace your steps up to the edge of the less steep part. As, in the forest, a vague feel from southbound, which quickly becomes well marked.
Follow up shoulder, to the output of wood. Follow the path that goes to the shoulder plate of Ordière, and thence to a mountain chalet, along the shelf edge.
A great way then rises to the chalets of Plaigne, where we take a big way down to the Villette. The loop is closed.

Col d’Emy
Description :

Walk starting from the lighthouse cottage la Villette, both on foot in the summer cross-country skiing in winter.
The gite, to pin down the road between the upper part and the lower part of the Villette.
De là, follow the path that leads to Plaigne. take the high road towards alpine Arves needles to the junction of Black Stone.
Take the high road that serves the summer to climb the highest mobile trailleuse. After thereof, take a feel vaguely kairnée, which rises to the south is.
It is from there that the trace. Gpx becomes important. Watch this feel to Emy neck.
De là , can reach the peak Emy, northerly, along under the next rock bars is, or secondary top of the great Chiblé, south, always skirting the escarpment is a ridge.
The more experienced can push to the summit of the ridge high Chiblé. The hands are then required.

Chatel Tour
Description :

Small hike from near the cottage, which allows to visit the hamlets of La Villette, du Plan (chef lieu), and Mollard. Limited Gradient (approx 150m).
You will pass alternately in the hamlets, in grassland, in the forest, Col du Mollard.

Tour wild brunette / plaigne / Mollard
Description :

Stroll starting from the cottage of Villette to discover the alpine Plaigne and Hameau du Mollard.
In plaigne, you pass the mountain chalet Francis, who milked the cows morning and evening hand.
Mollard to see the front of the Irma museum dedicated to the work of women of the time: "the old time".
The way round, you can go down to the house directly under Mollard.

Basse du Gerbier
Description :

Iconic ballad Valley Arvan, this circuit has become all the more essential since 2012 Savoyard discovery walk borrows the lower part:
discover the mountain pastures of yesterday and today through workshops offered.
Then, a charming stroll will lead you to the gates of the alpine mountain drops you off at the pass at the foot of the head Chat.

Massion break from Albiez-le-young
This walk is variable geometry which features beautiful views on a ridge. You can stop at the cross of Mont Tissot, shack hunters, shortly after, or even ride on the crest of Lachat until it abuts against a slightly overpass. Most Aguer can continue to Casse Massion. They can even track the entire ridge to Mount Emy, and then back to the cottage la Villette by the collar Emy. This then requires a good day's walking and manipulation car between the cottage and Albiez-le-Jeune.

The cottage Chanin
A wild ride, with varying landscapes, and quite a height difference. The purpose of the ride is a mountain chalet spruced. You can discover its history by following this link:http://www.chanin.net/. Two departures are possible: Entraigues or Villette. For major sporting, it is possible to extend the hike to the top of the tops of the Torches. Above the chalet, there is virtually no path but the route is clear, first in the grass, then pebbles. This tops Torches is also possible loop through the airfield and up the ridge to the top end of Montzard. The descent then takes place via Chanin.

Mont Charvin loop
Still a major ride, much less crowded than the Lower Gerbier or 3 lakes. This loop has a reasonable height difference for landscapes. Only requirement, not be too sensitive to empty: You climb a little steep trail pins in a slope 40 °. This is why the tower is more convenient clockwise.

The three lakes
One of two iconic rides sector, with Lower Gerbier.
You are here in mountain landscapes, with lakes and streams with crystal clear water. The trail leads you to the glacier St Sorlin. Choose this tour to these landscapes, not calm (except off season)!