The Albiez tray is ideal for snowshoeing: foot steep areas, reasonable height difference, mountain scenery and stunning mountain. Do not hesitate to ask for ideas Vincent walks!

By then, Here are a few ideas for this winter:

-the pre-Naret from the cottage:

We put the snowshoes on the terrace, It goes quietly turns through fields to join, 250m higher, the path of the Praz, who have come from the Mollard. We follow and we cross the cottages to mountain pastures of the complaining and the Praz. At frediere, let's dive into streams, It goes between the 2 in the woods of the chappy who leads us to the cottages of pre Naret. De là, down full West combe up face-to-face foothold on the plateau of Montrond. Then let down gently sloping to the serious.


-the cross of Albiez and Lachat Ridge

Of the young abliez, We go back a rump between larch and prairies, who comes to die on the side of the ridge to the top of Albiez. The path becomes steeper but they quickly come to the cross of Albiez, on the bottom of this Ridge. Back then the combat zone to get out of the vegetation on a small Summit with great views.

-The order of the Feisse

The gite, the hamlet of la Villette from a path that climbs down to feel sorry for her. You can follow him or cut pins to make his route in pretty soft valonnees areas. In the cottages of the complaining, It continues the pastoral path until fredieres, where we get down into the Valley to go up in front, on the BREW. From there we trace to view in the direction of the order of her feisse, We cross East/West down the road on the north side balcony, in the direction of the serious.